Projects Delivering Results

Performance and innovation for information technology,
environmental services, program management and humanitarian aid.


Information Management

Data integration, fusion, and visualization
because in all situations reliable information is critical to success.


Program Management

Multidisciplinary solutions to complex problems
using creative expertise, ingenuity, and technology.


Environmental Services

Expert analysis, risk assessment, recommendations, and
implementation of environmental protection and remediation.


Solutions for Government, Military and Industrial Organizations

E W Wells Group, LLC is a solutions provider for government, military and industrial organizations. We lead projects in information technology, program management, unexploded ordnance disposal, environmental services, underwater mapping, information management, disaster relief, as well as setup of emergency operation centers and data centers. Our project teams consist of industry leaders with extensive experience in their fields. E W Wells Group provides effective solutions to challenging objectives, fusing technology, advising, and experienced labor. Our past projects carry our name and hold as much importance for our company as the next contract in our future. We stress individual and team accountability and value collaborative effort, leadership and action. As a company, E W Wells Group carries great integrity and passion for the work we perform, and we require and reward those same values within our employees. From corporation to individual, we hold ourselves to be the best at what we do.

What we do

Environmental Services

Environmental Remediation, Explosive Disposal, Demolition and Construction Management.
E W Wells Group offers full-service, nationwide performance for environmental remediation, risk management, unexploded ordnance disposal and project management. From planning and budgeting to execution, we deliver superior on-time performance working with government, military and industrial organizations.

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Program Management

Disaster Relief, International Aid, Autonomous Underwater Mapping
E W Wells Group provides strategic advising for international relief, research, remediation and development efforts. We work with government, military and industrial organizations providing planning, budgeting, engineering and performance for critical operations. Fusing technology, expert planning and experienced labor, we perform on complex operations such as disaster relief and recovery, international human health aid, and underwater munitions mapping and remediation.

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Information Management

Information Technology, Data Management, Data Indexing, Technology Implementation
E W Wells Group provides planning, consulting, implementation and support for information management systems. From server room design and construction, to data indexing and information fusion, we make collection, storage and processing efficient, reliable and functional. Our experienced technicians support international organizations in government, military and industrial sectors.

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Safety Gear

E W Wells Group is proud to partner with leading manufacturers of premium quality fire resistant protective clothing & gear, available for our federal and private sector clients.

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A Reputation of Excellence

E W Wells Group, is a minority owned, Native American 8(a) small business headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico with offices located in California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Puerto Rico, St. Croix USVI, Texas, Virginia and Washington. Our company is built around our ability to recognize and apply a broad range of individual skills and experience into a big picture understanding of your objectives and solid plan of execution. Our teams are designed for rapid and precise response in projects ranging from technical consulting to disaster management and unexploded ordnance disposal. E W Wells Group personnel work with partnering teams within your organization at every level, from contracting departments to on-site management. We have a tremendous approval rating on our federal contracts and with prime contracting on 97% of projects while maintaining exemplary safety ratings. Our reliability and adaptability are proven within the industry and we continue to evolve to meet our clients’ ever changing, ever growing needs.

Our Clients Include

Coca-Cola, Southwest Airlines,

Statement of Qualification:

Read more about our services and qualifications in our SOQ booklet.

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